Recycling is a good


Recycling is here to stay.  So is throwing away the trash.  Did you know that per county ordinances you cannot keep more than a weeks worth of trash on your property and it must be contained in a specific type of container?  You can read more at the HCSW  website.  Once there click on the solid waste department and navigate through the riveting reading there.  It has more information about trash than you ever wanted to know.  
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What is new for recycling click here.

Carefully read through the website.  It is what we follow.

Could be any day!  Inclement weather procedures. (If it’s summer

you don’t have to read further unless we have a freak storm.  It

could happen) just sayin!

We can’t run on icy and snow packed roads even if you can. 1. Our trash trucks don’t do well on ice. 2. Your bones don’t do well on ice. 3. We will pick up everything you put out next week, please     err on the side of good judgment and sense. 4. Trash is just as important to us as it is for you but not             worth rehab, or worse. 5. We do not take trash at the office.  Recycling only.  Can not         say yes to one and not to all.  Just think how that would look. 6. If this is getting updated periodically during the day we are     not at the office either.  Enjoy winter.  Can’t wait for summer!
Please read above to see if your trash will be late the holiday week in question.  If you have any questions please call the office 828-891-3071. Nothing has changed about the way we treat holidays.  If the holiday is not listed then it does not affect trash pick up.
Please read through our policy and as always feel free to call or email if you have questions.
The limit on trash has not changed 99 gal per week.  The overage from nearly all customers has caused us to have to go to the dump multiple times, thus slowing down the route, and taking more time to get to everyone.  Please if you have a special pick up let the office know and prepare to pay accordingly.  After all we are getting charged to throw away your trash at the landfill.  Thank you for your understanding.  Out by 7:00 am does not mean you will be picked up at 7:00 am.  It simply means that the trash will be there when we get there. We cannot and will not give specific times because there are too many variables.  Trash has been over limits often and heavy often.  So you can expect delays often.  But we will get your trash on your pick up day.  If it is not by the next morning, please call the office.  We are implementing a new truck on the route to enable us to get the clients picked up in a timely manner and get the trucks to the dump by 3:00-3:15 so they can be emptied.  Please have your trash and recycling presented at 7:00 AM so it is not missed.  The limit it 99 Gallons of trash per week.  Pass this along to your neighbors.  Out by 7 is for everyone.  If your trash is not out, and we are now keeping time stamped information so we can explain it to you we cannot retrace tracks.  Defeats the purpose of putting on more manpower and equipment.  This is not a policy change.  It has always been policy.  Things change on our side and we must still service you the client.  Remember you are not the only one we service on this day so please adjust accordingly so things can run smoothly.   Thank you.
The calendar that we use to set up our holiday schedule can be found here.  If the holiday falls on Friday or the weekend is DOES NOT affect the weekly pickup schedule.  If the holiday affects office closure it will also be noted on this calendar.  If a holiday is not on the calendar we are on regular schedule. 
Jan 18  Monday   MLK Day   May 31  Monday   Memorial Day   July 5  Monday   Independence Day  (observed)   Sept 6  Monday   Labor Day   Nov 11  Thursday   Veterans Day   Nov 25  Thursday   Thanksgiving
If the holiday falls on or before your pick up day we will pick you up one day late.  If it falls after your pick up day it will not affect you.  If the holiday is not listed that means we are running the trucks.  This calandar is different from a standard calandar.  It is the one the Solid Waste facility uses.  If they are closed we are closed unless we express an exception.  Please call the office if you have any questions on this calendar of events that will affect your pick up.  These are the known scheduled event.  Weather and any other unforseen event is not listed. 
2021 Holiday Schedule for Trash Service
Our Policy has been updated.  Please become familiar.
Did you know that shredded paper is no longer recyclable in single stream.  You can take it to special events held by the county.  You can also use it as a soil mixture in your flower/garden beds.  This is a great attractant to beneficial worms.  If it is presented at the curb we have to throw it away.