Recycling is a good


Recycling is here to stay.  So is throwing away the trash.  Did you know that per county ordinances you cannot keep more than a weeks worth of trash on your property and it must be contained in a specific type of container?  You can read more at the HCSW  website.  Once there click on the solid waste department and navigate through the riveting reading there.  It has more information about trash than you ever wanted to know.  
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Inclimate weather 

Week of December 10th 2018

Closed Monday the 10th. 

Moving to holiday schedule

Tuesday through Friday. 

Everyone will be one day late. 

We will NOT run on icy roads. 

If we cannot get you this week

we will pick it all up next week. 

Doing the best we can.  Thank

you for your patence.  We care

about each and every one of

you.  Stay warm and safe.                    

What is new for recycling click here. Carefully read through the website.    It is what we follow.

Could be any day!  Inclement weather procedures. (If it’s

summer so you don’t have to read further unless we have a

freak storm.  It could happen) just sayin!

We can’t run on icy and snow packed roads even if you can. 1. Our trash trucks don’t do well on ice. 2. Your bones don’t do well on ice. 3. We will pick up everything you put out next week, please     err on the side of good judgment and sense. 4. Trash is just as important to us as it is for you but not             worth rehab, or worse. 5. We do not take trash at the office.  Recycling only.  Can not         say yes to one and not to all.  Just think how that would     look. 6. If this is getting updated periodically during the day we are     not at the office either.  Enjoy winter.  Can’t wait for                 summer!
Christmas Day Tuesday-Thur Advanc e
2018 Holiday’s that will affect pickup.  
If the holiday falls on Monday everyone will advance one day (or be one day late on pick up) If the holiday falls after your pickup up day it will not affect you IE: Independance Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.  If you have any questions please call the office 828-891-3071. Nothing has changed about the way we treat holidays.   If the holiday is not listed we are not closed.
Monday No Change
Veterans Day All one day late 11/28/2019 MLK Day  All Advance 11/11/2019 12/25/2019 Christmas Day Labor Day All Advance Memorial Day All Advance 1/1/2019 1/21/2019 5/27/2019 7/4/2019 9/2/2019 New Year  All Advance Indepedance Day Wed-Thu Advance Thanksgiving day Thu one day late
2019 Holiday Schedule