The Etowah Lions started collecting trash in the mid 60’s.  This enabled them to get out in the community be seen and see who needed their help.  In 1974 the business was incorported. Since that time the Lions have used funds from this business to offer needed services both within the community and worldwide.  Your participation, in our trash and recycling service and during ball season the concessions, ensures that the Etowah Lions can continue to offer needed services.
The Lions Share Goes back to the community
Etowah Lions Services Incorporated 28 Ridgeway Avenue P. O. Box 234, Etowah, North Carolina, 28729 828-891-3071
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Normal Hours of Operation
Office hours  Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Truck Holiday workweek  - The routes slip by one day depending on when the Holiday falls.  So if Monday is a recognized holiday then everyone will slip by one day Tuesday - Friday.  If the holiday falls on Wed then only Wed and Thursday customers will be affected and will be picked up Thursday & Friday respectively.  If you have questions on this schedule please call the office.  Recycling Building is open Monday - Thursday (normal week schedule) from 6:30 am - 5:00 PM, Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm   Closed on Holiday weekends. We do not accept Trash at this facility.  
Mon-Thur  6:30-5:00, Friday 8:00-5:00
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General Inquiry Request Service
We are really easy to get ahold of.  No music on hold.  You may have to listen to a detailed message then leave your name and number but we will call you back usually within the hour or so, except on weekends and holidays. You will always enjoy the one on one service we have always offered and almost immediate resolutions to your problems. We are the Etowah Lions Serving Our Community with Pride!
 The week of September 7th we will pick up Tuesday - Friday.  Everyone will slip one day.
Please report site problems to webmaster
Please be patient with us.  The recycle truck was broke the 2nd week of July and is still in maintenance.  A catostrophic mechanical failure happend with the packer.  So it is getting rebuilt.  We should see it back in Service by the first week of October.  We are using a pick up and trailer to recycle with until then.
Please read the policy.  Have your trash out by 7:00 am.  Trash day runs quicker on recycling weeks as the team is working together to cut down fuel costs. 
Our recycling center in Etowah is for our clients only.  It cost money to maintain this facility that we cannot recover.  It is a convenience for our clients. Please respect that an please do NOT bring your trash.  We DO NOT accept trash at our office.  Only clean and dry recycling.  Pizza boxes, half filled bottles of water, food products etc are not recyclable.  Nothing that has food in it or has touched it paper/cardboard wise is NOT recyclable.  Styrofoam is NOT recyclable.  Kleenex, paper towels, paper plates, paper cups or plastic cups are NOT recyclable.  If found in the bag all of it will be thrown away at the curb and at our building. We don’t want to eat off your used kleenex in the future and the facility will not accept it.  It is trash. What is recyclable at our facility and at the curb.  Cardboard (broke down), Paper (mixed and not touched food),  Food plastics only (no plastic boxes plant holders, hangers etc), Food glass (only glass that food is sold in (no pyrex, cups, plates, mugs etc), Metal Cans (that have contained human food only), Aluminum Cans (bevage cans only, separated would be appreciated we have a separte box for them in the building)
If this seems small bring viewing size up on your Monitor
Next Holiday to affect PickUp will be Veteran Day 11 November 2015